Thursday, January 28, 2010

Westmoreland Jury Verdicts- Part I

Westmoreland Jury Verdict

A review of Jury Verdicts in Westmoreland County, PA

The court system in Westmoreland County, PA, provides a very kind and informative service. They post each year’s civil jury verdicts online. You can view verdicts from 2000-2009 here.

A review of the 2008 (2009 does not appear to be fully updated) jury verdict statistics in Westmoreland County is as follows:

1. Breach of Contract (Real Estate)- $410,000.00
2. Medical Malpractice- Defense
3. Motor Vehicle negligence- Defendant
4. Defamation/Invasion Privacy/Negligence- Defense
5. Motor Vehicle negligence- Defense
6. Motor Vehicle negligence- $23,980.02
7. Medical Malpractice - Defense
8. Motor Vehicle negligence- Defense
9. Breach of Contract- Defense
10. Products Liability- $1,000.00
11. Medical Malpractice - Defense
12. Motor Vehicle negligence- Defense
13. Real Estate/Seller Disclosure- $3,000.00
14. Motor Vehicle Negligence- $250,000.00
15. Slip and Fall- Defense
16. Motor Vehicle Negligence- $24,794.15
17. Motor Vehicle Negligence- $90,000
18. Nursing Home Negligence- Defense
19. Motor Vehicle Negligence- Defense
20. Motor Vehicle Negligence- Defense
21. Medical Malpractice - Defense
22. Motor Vehicle Negligence- Defense
23. Motor Vehicle Negligence- Defense

Key Takeaways from this limited sample:

1. All Medical Malpractice verdicts were for the Defense

2. Motor Vehicle verdicts were for the Plaintiff in just 33% of the trials

Injured persons and their attorneys must always be willing to take the risk of having their claim decided by a judge and jury. Plaintiffs, however, must be aware of the daunting win/loss averages they face in court. The fact is, the majority of good Plaintiff’s cases settle before trial.

These statistics also tie in closely with the jury verdict numbers in Pennsylvania that I previously discussed here.

In time, I hope to summarize the statistics of 2000-2007 as well. Share this post :
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