Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Article for Lawyers

Brian Tannenbaum is a criminal defense attorney in Miami, Florida.  To celebrate his 15th year in practice he posted a great article about what he has learned in the course of his practice.  You can read his post here.

My favorite points are:

[6] Honesty that hurts your position, is the best kind.

[9] Your reputation as a lawyer can be cemented within 90 days of admission to the Bar.

[11] The length of time someone has been a lawyer has no bearing on their skills, ethics, or reputation, unless proven otherwise.

[20] People hate lawyers, think they are greedy, and don't respect them. That will never change. Don't waste your time trying to convince society otherwise. Spend your time convincing your client through your work that they shouldn't hate lawyers, lawyers aren't greedy, and lawyers deserve respect.

[35] The people you walk by and ignore, notice.

[41] There are cases you are not right for, admit it.

[55] Lawyers who brag they "don't go on vacations," are miserable human beings that I never want to deal with on any level. Share this post :
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