Friday, May 21, 2010

A Thought on Picking the Right Lawyer

Three posts in a row about legal malpractice is not an accident. I just tried a fascinating legal malpractice claim. While I anxiously wait for what I hope is a good outcome for my client, I can’t help but have legal mal law on the brain. But I’ll refrain from blathering on about another Superior Court holding. Instead, there is a dovetail between the standard of care expected of lawyers and what you should consider in picking the best person to represent you.
The standard of care applied in legal malpractice claims is that- an attorney must have and use the ordinary skill, knowledge, and care that is ordinarily had and exercised in the legal profession. An attorney whose conduct does not meet this professional standard of care is negligent. In other words, an attorney must at least be familiar with the well-settled principles of law and rules of practice that are customary in the ordinary business of the legal profession. Pa.S.J.I 10.04.

It is that last point that is most critical in deciding upon and attorney. When you need an attorney, ask friends and family for their recommendations. But don’t stop there. Once you meet with an attorney, it is important to have them prove to you how familiar they are with the principles of law that control your case.

Ask how many other cases like yours the attorney has handled. Ask about case results. Ask for docket numbers and then determine for yourself whether the lawyer actually is who or what they claim to be. Google the lawyer’s name and search them on Figure out if this attorney really knows what he/she is talking about or if they are just desperate for business and selling you a bill of goods.Also, ask yourself if you get a good vibe from the attorney. A significant personality difference between you and your attorney can make a trying time that much more difficult. There is a good chance that you will be paying your attorney a considerable amount of money so look at them like an investment. And, unless you are crunched for time, shop around for the best fit because when it comes to picking an attorney- caveat emptor. Share this post :
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