Friday, May 28, 2010

Trial Verdict for the Plaintiff!

After a two week, sleep depriving wait for the verdict in my recent legal malpractice trial, the Court finally ruled. I smile as I write that President Judge, Joseph James awarded my client more than $225,000.

This case grew out of a 2003 dispute and has consumed a great deal of my client’s fiscal and emotional resources as well as his time. More than a quarter of my client’s life has been spent entangled in related litigation. When you’re thirty years old and you’ve spent the last 7-8 years embroiled in a legal quagmire, I can only imagine how relieving it must feel to finally have a turn of good fortune.

What makes this verdict even sweeter is the fact that the defendants refused to offer even a dollar to settle the suit. In just about every case I have handled, the defendants offered some amount of money, however nominal, to settle. But here, the defendants thumbed their noses at us. They believed there was no way they could lose. So I am ecstatic that my client was vindicated. I am honored that my client entrusted me with his case. I am thankful that our hard work paid off and a just result was reached.

Not surprisingly, the defendants have stated that they will be appealing the decision. I am hopeful that the Superior Court will concur with Judge James, as I truly believe it was the right decision. Share this post :
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