Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Insurance claims- an adversarial process?

Sadly the insurance industry has made claims processing an adversarial process. We pay money (for car insurance, we are forced to pay this money) to insurance companies to help protect us from the aftermath of harms we may suffer. This is no different than any other bargain for goods. I go tot he grocery store and give the cashier money in return for food. Notice, when you go to the grocery store you don't pay money only to have the cashier question you on why you should qualify to get the food. Absurd right? But that is exactly what the insurance industry does in so many circumstances.

The insurance industry argues that too many people are filing frivolous lawsuits. Of course there are frivolous law suits filed and that is a shame. But the vast majority of lawsuits filed are out of necessity because the insurance industry has refused to pay out on valid claims.

Few people realize the inherent problem that has developed. We are so indoctrinated with the "good" of the insurance industry we never question their actions and motivations. The reason most people are unaware of this problem is that most of us rarely have to deal with insurance. We have a fender bender once or twice in a lifetime, etc. But lawyers deal with this unfortunate situation on a regular basis. We witness first hand people being denied benefits for perfectly valid claims. But I digress.

This clever blog post from NYC trial attorney Jason Paris, Esq., demonstrates what has happened. There are problems on both side of the fence. But by no means is the insurance industry free of blame. Grumble grumble... Share this post :
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