Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make sure your lawyer makes sense at trial

Clarity is key at trial. And when you, the injured plaintiff, take your case before a jury make sure your lawyer has a clear, concise story for the jury. Clarity is critical to the case theory, explanation of the applicable facts and especially to the law. If your lawyer's explanation of how the law fits to your facts doesn't make sense to you...there's a real good chance it's not going to make sense to the jury. And since it is your, the plaintiff's, burden to make out a case leaving the jury bewildered is a huge problem. So find out how your lawyer is going to explain things and then think about it yourself, run it by friends and family and if you have some ideas on how it can be it by your lawyer. Believe me, a good personal injury lawyer is never to proud to disregard a good idea. Never forget that it is your case and you have a right to speak up and improve things. Share this post :
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