Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lawyer speak not good for trials

Does your attorney sound like an attorney?  That may not be such a good thing. Here's a quote attributed to legal legend Gerry Spence:

"Trials are all storytelling, nothing more . . . The problem is that we, as lawyers, have forgotten how to speak to ordinary folks . . . Lawyers long ago abandoned ordinary English."

This seems to happen to a lot of lawyers.  I can walk down the street in Pittsburgh, hear two people talking and know that they are attorneys by the words they are using.  That is fine when communicating with other attorneys.  But legal jargon speak is no good for talking to normal people...juror people.  It sends juror's thoughts in all the wrong directions at the most critical times during a trial...voir dire, opening and closing.

Spence, not surprisingly, has a lot of great ideas for attorneys and for what clients should look for in their lawyer.  Read more from him at his website here. Share this post :
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