Friday, April 29, 2011

Video: Laser Pointer Cutting Electrical Tape

I have talked a lot about the danger high-powered, hand held laser pointers pose to kids in Pittsburgh, PA.  We know that lasers stronger than 5 mW have been deemed illegal by the FDA in Pennsylvania and across the country.  Despite this, we have seen that laser pointers with strengths of 100, 150 even 200 mW are available for purchase on well known websites like eBay and to anyone with access to a credit card.  We have read about the damage these lasers can cause to the eye instantly upon direct shining or reflection of the laser and that the people most often injured are children and young adults. If interested, please read my prior posts on the dangers of laser pointers- FDA Requirements, Amazon Sales, FDA Warning, Eye Injuries, Dangers.

What we have not seen is an actual example of what these lasers are capable of doing.  Below is a video from Youtube posted by a teenager trying to sell his 75mW laser pointer.  He purchased his on eBay.  Don't forget that, comparatively, this is a relatively weak laser compared to what can be easily purchased at major websites online.  At the 2:30 mark of this video we see how a 75mW laser pointer can instantly burn through electrical tape and pop a balloon.  This not only shows the immediate damage these lasers can cause to someone's eye but also demonstrates what a fire risk these lasers are.  It is also interesting to note that this video is clearly being marketed to other teenagers.  Sale from one teen to another.  So with no further ado:

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