Monday, May 16, 2011

A High Schooler's Perspective of Personal Injury Law

A few months ago a client of mine told me about their daughter, Kaitlin and the senior project she was working on. As part of her project, Kaitlin, wanted to interview and shadow an attorney to find out what life as a lawyer is like.  I always wished someone had done this for me when I was in high I brought Kaitlin along to a small premises liability jury trial I handled.

Because this was a small trial Kaitlin had the good fortune to see me interact with my client, pick a jury, tell my opening statement, put on our case, make my closing arguments and feel the tension of a jury verdict.  There are a lot of dull moments in the typical attorney's work-day. But personal injury trials in front of a judge and jury are not one of those moments. Personal injury trials are dramatic. Trials are always comprised of competing versions of one story told by two competing sides. Each side, no matter how small the case, has a lot riding on the outcome of the case either from a financial perspective or on the principle of the matter. And this dispute is settled by a jury of your peers. There just aren't a lot of things like this in life. I think Kaitlin got a great snapshot of what I believe to be one of the best parts of our legal system.

Below is a portion of the final power point presentation she gave to her class about her experience. I got a real kick out of watching it...I hope you do to.Kaitlin
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