Sunday, June 26, 2011

FireGel Sold at a Store Near You

The New York Times just published an article about Bed Bath & Beyond's product Fire Gel dubbed the "safe pourable gel" that has been causing horrific explosions across the country (read the full article HERE.  Apparently there are tiny labels on the wrapping of the product serving as the products warning label.  But once the label is taken off there is essentially no warning on the product.  As a result, people unfamiliar with the product and unable to tell when a sufficient amount of the gel has been delivered are pouring too much which in turn is causing napalm-like explosions.  Bed Bath and Beyond is pulling the product from their shelves pending safer warning labels.  But I just checked and the product, advertised as a bug repellant, has been sold in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Times reports "the product is a gel fuel for ceramic firepots, scented with citronella to ward off insects on hot summer nights, and purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond.  The fuel is marketed by the retailer as FireGel, “the Safe Pourable Gel.” But survivors and witnesses to the two blazes likened it to a Molotov cocktail without so much as a wick"

In addition to the harrowing stories of parents watching their children covered in fire, the Times article shows pictures of a number of people horribly injured by this product.  It is mind boggling that a product like this would be made for the purpose of keeping bugs away let alone marketed as "safe". Share this post :
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