Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Necrotizing Fungus Infection from Local Hospital Mammogram

We are about to file suit against a local hospital in Pittsburgh for performing unsanitary mammography exams that caused our client and possibly others to contract a necrotizing (skin eating) fungal infection.

We have reason to believe that a number of other female patients of this same facility may have also contracted this fungal infection.  Our belief is based on our client's contention that, during a follow-up mammogram when the fungus had already begun to eat away at the skin on her chest, her treating nurse informed her that at least four other women had developed the same condition.

Our client underwent her initial breast exam by mammography in December of 2008.  Then, two months after the initial mammogram, in February 2009, the skin under her left breast became extremely irritated, itchy and red.  Shortly thereafter, a rip and/or hole approximately the size of a half dollar developed in the skin underneath her left breast and the skin beneath both breasts became inflamed and bright red.  Shortly thereafter she went to the same hospital's emergency room with complaints of skin irritation, bleeding, itching and the ripping and/or tearing of skin below her breasts.  She was then treated, unsuccessfully, with over the counter medications.  Our client only sought legal counsel once she heard from the nurse that a number of other patients had experienced the same thing.  From what we know the hospital has done nothing to notify any of these women of the link between their breast infections and the unsanitary mammography machine.  It was only because of the nurses statements that the condition was a fungul infection that our client ultimately began to treat her condition with an anti-fungal ointment that, for the first time, has provided her relief from the condition.

Thus, we think there are a number of other women in Pittsburgh, right now, who may be suffering from this necrotizing fungal infection and whom may have no idea 1. that they contracted it during their mammography exam and 2. that it is a fungal infection.

Because it may be tougher to establish liability in this type of case with only one known infected individual the power of numbers will be particularly important in this case.  We are hopeful we can track down some of the other affected individuals to both protect their rights and bolster our client's case.  So if you have sustained this type of injury or know someone who has, please contact us to see if it is a related occurrence. Share this post :
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  1. i had a mamogram april 30th the next day woke up with a rash and iritation around my breast now i have all kinds of bumps around my breast and irritation that caused a infecton of my skin and traveled to my stomach and arm pits i am on medication to help with the infection.I just went today to the emergency room and they told me it could of been from unsantury machine they used to rob maybe anything.

  2. i have welts on my breast and infected look like bites but they arent. So they are really infection this makes me so pissed i might have scars now on my breast. I hope the meds work for me. Visalia, ca 93277. It was visalia imaging center.