Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Patients Identified in Westmoreland Hospital Cardiac Stent Fiasco

Excela Westmoreland Hospital has completed its internal review of unneeded coronary stent procedures performed at Westmoreland Hospital over the past few years. Excela Westmoreland hospital has determined that in addition to the ~140 patients that received unnecessary cardiac stents in 2010, 50 more patients received unneeded stents in 2009. That brings the grand total (at least that has been disclosed by the hospital) to ~192 patients that received unneeded cardiac stent procedures from Westmoreland Hospital.

The doctors involved, alleged to have prescribed and performed numerous unnecessary cardiac stent procedures, are Dr. Ehad Morcos and Dr. George Bou. Though Drs. Morcos and Bou are no longer on Excela Westmoreland's staff they are still members of the Westmoreland County Cardiology medical practice.

Excela Health System has issued letters of apology to a number of patients that were found to have received improper medical treatment in 2010. It is unclear whether Excela has issued the same letters for patients in the newly revealed 2009 group that were found to have received unneeded stents.

Patients that received letters of acknowledgement from Excela are advised to seek legal representation. Excela is identifying, at least in part, the patients that were subject to these stent procedures. But it appears that the health organization will defend these cases and argue that the procedures, in most cases, were appropriate and/or necessary. Because there are allegations of fraud and unfair trade practices involved in these lawsuits there is a high likelihood that punitive damages will be sought. Injured patients attempting to resolve this issue on their own will be hard pressed to navigate all the legal road blocks Excela is sure to put up during litigation. This is why patients that received these letters need legal counsel to make sure their rights are preserved in what is sure to be a hotly contested mass litigation. Share this post :
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