Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cardiac Stent Litigation Begins

The Westmoreland cardiac stent lawsuits are in full swing following a multi-party status conference with presiding Judge, Honorable Anthony G. Marsili.  The lawsuits have all been filed in and will be coordinated through the Westmoreland County Court of Common Pleas.

The law firms defending Drs. Bousamara and Morcos as well as Excela Health are Davies McFarland and Carrol and Thompson Rhodes and Cowie. The numerous plaintiffs that underwent unnecessary cardiac stent procedures are represented by a "who's who" of Western Pennsylvania trial attorneys including myself (shameless plug) and John Quinn, Craig Frischman, Jason Matzus, Mike Rosenzweig, William Caroselli and Victor Pribanic, among other notables.  As it stands, the court will, in all likelihood, coordinate the discovery efforts of the parties to streamline what could become unruly litigation.

Previous numbers indicated that as many as 192 patients may have received unneeded stents from Westmoreland Hospital while under the care of Drs. Bousamara and Morcos.  As far as I can tell maybe half that number has retained representation in this matter.  It will be interesting to see if more of the patients that received apology letters from Westmoreland will come out of the wood work now that the litigation is set to take off.

I am hopeful that with all the top tier plaintiffs' attorneys in this case the unfortunate individuals that have been deceived by their healthcare providers are able to receive the just compensation they deserve for this fiasco. Share this post :
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