Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodbye Happy Dog

Today I had to help my mom put down our family dog Jack.

Jack came into our lives during a tumultuous time.  From the moment we first brought him home from the pound he was an infectiously happy dog who unknowingly helped my family move past a sad time.

He started out as a tiny black puff ball that had just been separated from his siblings.  He sat in the long grass in our front lawn and would tip over if our other dog Nick so much as ran toward him.  From the start he always wagged like crazy and craved our attention.  He temporarily grew into an awkward stage with absurdly long legs and severe overbite.  He was Jackie Boy.  He loped around with a smile always happy, always greeting us with little hops when we would come home- forcing his head into your hand to make you pet him and play with him.

When he grew up he grew to love the snow.  I'll always remember him running around in foot deep snow, prancing, digging his nose in powder and flipping it into the air.  Then he would run around in circles, bear down in a crouch with his front paws outstretched and start it all over again.

He was my mom's companion.  They would go on legendary walks through the woods together.  Jack was her welcome face every night she would come home from work- on the other side of a gate in her entry way jumping up and down with excitement.  He was my mom's protector.  He lived nine years and was an amazing, happy dog that we will forever remember fondly.

Miss you buddy.

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