Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CooperVision Contact Lens Recall

If you live in or around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you will want to know that CooperVision announced its recall of Avaira Toric disposable contact lenses on August 19, 2011.  Zacks.com reports that "the company will create a reserve for return of inventory and associated matters, currently estimated to be roughly $14 million."  Read the full article here.  This apparently is only 1% of CooperVision's parent company's annual sales.  Read my prior article on this recall.

That $14 million figure leads me to two possible conclusions 1. A lot more of the Avaira Toric contacts were affected than CooperVision has let on; and/or 2. CooperVision is setting aside a fair amount of money to defend the lawsuits of people injured by their defective product.

If you have been injured by CooperVision contacts you likely have a claim for compensation.  Please feel free to call me to discuss your legal rights free of charge.  There are power in numbers in these types of cases. 

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