Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recall for Dehumidifier's Causing House Fires in Pittsburgh

$1Million Damage Due to Goldstar and Comfort-Aire Dehumidifiers

Residents of Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding communities are being urged to check to see if they are using an LG Goldstar or Comfort-Aire dehumidifier.

LG Electronics Tianjin Appliance Co. is re-announcing the recall of about 98,000 of their Goldstar and Comfort-Aire dehumidifiers because they have been found to pose a significant fire and burn hazard. These humidifiers are likely responsible for more than $1 million in property damage.  This recall extends to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The defect is a power connector for the Goldstar and Comfort-Aire dehumidifier’s compressor that short circuits. This can cause fires and burn hazards to Pittsburgh resident and their property.

This recall follows an initial recall in December of 2009, following eleven (11) incidents, including four severe fires. Since then, LG has received at least sixteen additional incident reports of arcing, smoke and fire associated with the dehumidifiers, including nine severe fires. Fires from these humidifiers are a national problem but have hit Pittsburgh with $500,000 of fire damage to home in Gibsonia, PA. Also, a fire from these humidifiers has been confirmed in a home in Philadelphia, PA. Clearly, these are products that have been sold in our local stores. This is all the more reason Pittsburgh residents should check to make sure they are not operating a Goldstar or Comfort-Aire dehumidifier.

Apparently there was a lack of consumer response to the initial recall. Only a couple thousand of the 98,000 consumers who purchased these units have inquired about the defect. This means that consumers and their property remain at serious risk.

Read the full recall article at the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

Anyone who has the recalled dehumidifiers is strongly encouraged to immediately stop using them, unplug them, and contact LG Electronics for the free repair.

Below are pictures of the Goldstar or Comfort-Aire humidifiers. If you have been injured by one of these humidifiers I would be happy to discuss your legal rights.

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