Thursday, September 22, 2011

5-Ton Log Splitter Somehow Made More Dangerous

Changzhou Globe Tool Group Recalls "Task Force" 5-Ton Electric Log Splitters Due to Laceration or Amputation Hazard; Additional On-Product Warnings to be Affixed

What was already an incredibly dangerous tool was somehow made more dangerous through a product defect. The Task Force 5-Ton log splitter that is sold exclusively at Lowe's Stores, is being recalled because the electric log splitters have a hydraulic arm that, during use as a result of a manufacturing defect slides under the handle used to move the machine. The moving hydraulic arm can cut or amputate extremities of individuals who place their hands on the handle while operating the splitter. At least two people have already been injured including a fingertip amputation of a teenager and a finger laceration injury of an elderly gentleman. In both cases the individuals were injured as a result of leaving their hands on the handle where the hydraulic arm slides under while the splitter was in operation.  It is believed these splitter have been sold in the Pittsburgh area.

This could be a double insult to injury type of situation. You buy the 5-ton log splitter you felt you could not live without despite your significant others' objections. Then you cut your finger off. Not only are you badly injured but then you have to hear "I told you so" on top of it.

FYI, It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.  So if you have one of these splitters, don't try and pawn it off.  Instead, contact Lowe's or the manufacturer for either a repair or refund.  If you have been injured by this product, contact a lawyer immediately.

Below is a picture of this beast...

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