Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Warning Letter About the CooperVision Recall

A CooperVision Contact Lens Warning Letter ...but it didn't come from CooperVision

The CooperVision contact lens recall has reached fiasco status just as CooperVision appears to be trying to quiet the noise. Phyllis Entis of the eFoodAlert blog was the first person to cover the recall. I then became aware of the recall (See my other posts HERE, HERE and HERE)through a Pittsburgh resident who contacted me after his eyes were significantly injured following his first use of Toric contact lenses in August. A short while later, he received a personalized letter from Reade Fahs CEO of the America's Best Contact Lenses chain, advising of the CooperVision recall.  I have embedded a copy of this letter for everyone to view.

CooperVision Recall

This morning I spoke with a very nice woman, who has been quoted in other CooperVision recall articles.  I listened to she and her husband's harrowing experience following their use of CooperVision contacts.  One thing that jumped out from the conversation is the fact that neither she nor her husband received any type of letter from CooperVision or the store that sold the contacts, warning them of the recall.  In fact, for some time, she had no idea it was her contacts causing her vision problems until she did some research on the internet and discovered eFoodAlert and this blog.

CooperVision's actions have recently been dubbed a "stealth recall" and I have to concur with that title.  CooperVision and the companies selling its contacts have known about this problem since at least early August 2011.  Despite this, CooperVision has done little to directly warn the end consumer of the danger.  It also appears that several distribution companies have failed to contact their customers about the problem.

MSNBC reports that though CooperVision notified the FDA of the recall on August 25th, CooperVision has yet to issue wider notification in the U.S. despite FDA requests to do so.   “We are requesting that the firm issue a broader statement to ensure that users are aware of the recall,” an FDA spokeswoman recently advised. This is clearly not an issue that is just going to blow over.  So why isn't more being done to warn people that these contacts can harm their eyes?

After months of no coverage, it was nice to see the internet abuzz this morning with articles from big time sites covering the CooperVision recall.  At this point it looks like it will take big time media outlets like MSNBC and CBS to properly get word to the public about this recall and the dangers posed by these contacts.

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