Friday, January 13, 2012

Club Fever Pittsburgh Shooting Death

Like many Pittsburghers, I have been following the tragic shooting death of Shateecha Roach outside of Club Fever in Pittsburgh's Strip District.  A recent article about Ms. Roach from the New York Daily News released a chilling feature of Shateecha's death.  Shateecha Roach was Pittsburgh's first murder victim in 2012 — 17 years after her baby brother became the city's first murder of 1995.  One child murdered in a family is unbelievable...two is unfathomable.

The facts of this case make me wonder about the security in effect at Club Fever.  Was there door security, checking IDs, patting people down and or metal wanding them?  Was there a metal detector?  It is hard to imagine that Club Fever took all basic precautions to protect its paying customers.  I am also guessing that this tragedy was not the first violence problem they had had in the club.  I say this because the Club Owner immediately agreed to close down the club following this incident.  If this had been an isolated anomaly then it is less likely Club Fever's owner would have shut down so quickly.

If nothing else comes from this tragedy, let us at least hope other clubs and venues will take notice and beef of up their security in an effort to keep something like this from happening again. Share this post :
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