Friday, February 17, 2012

Brilliant (Sarcasm) Air Gun Design

As a Pittsburgh product liability attorney, I need to add a "You can't be serious" section to my blog for products like Feinwerkbau's P11 Piccolo Air Pistol.  Why you say?  It looks like your run of the mill air pistol (if there is such a thing)....

Sleek design with "Ambidextrous beech grip with non-slip lacquer finish Post front sight Rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation 200 bar max pressure Removable air reservoir with integral manometer (air pressure gauge) 85 shots per fill 5-way adjustable match trigger (500g pull) Dry-fire capability Incl. case, accessories and manual Meets ISSF requirements"  whatever that means.  The picture above is how this product is marketed on  I am serious, go check out the Amazon listing here.  There are no other pictures.  There are no pictures of the barrel of the gun like this one....

Yes, that's right, the pressure gauge for the gun is located at the barrel end of the weapon.  Brilliant!  Why not just put the gauge inside the barrel? I can only imagine the corporate discussions that went into making this gun.  It is so ridiculous I have to almost wonder if this is some kind of marketing hoax.  A dark ploy to make Feinwerkbau a household name so more people buy these kinds of air guns in the future.  It's amazing no matter what.


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