Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jury Instructions are My First Step in Preparing for Trial

I am trying a Pennsylvania medical malpractice case in May, here in Allegheny county, that concerns both allegations that the doctor's actions "increased the risk of harm" of the patient and wrongful death.  While proposed jury instructions are required by the Court at the time of trial, they are also critical for outlining how you will prove your case.  Below is an embedded copy of the jury instructions on which I will base all of my evidence to support our case.  I think this has to be one of the first steps in preparing for else are you going to know what you must prove?  After this, I set up a proof chart outlining what evidence I have to establish each issue.  Then I drill down further and figure out how our witnesses and exhibits will tell the story of the case while meeting each requirement of our burden to prove the case.  So, here is the initial step I take in preparation:

PA medmal Jury Instructions
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