Monday, May 7, 2012

Pitt Dental School Exposed Patient to Improperly Cleaned Instruments

On December 8, 2010, Conroy Griffie went to the University of Pittsburgh's School of Dental Medicine to have a tooth pulled.  Before the procedure he sat in the waiting room with many other people from the community.  Pitt Dental School has admitted to pulling a tooth from Conroy Griffie's mouth with dental instruments that were not disinfected to their usual standards.  As a result, Conroy may have been exposed to various blood borne illnesses like HIV and hepatitis.  Pitt Dental School advised Conroy to undergo a battery of blood tests to make sure he did not contract HIV or hepatitis.  Conroy, scared by the news, followed the recommendation.  He underwent several blood tests.  Each time, his doctor tied off his arm.  Waited until a vein raised up.  And then the doctor would slide a hypodermic needle through Conroy's skin and into his vein where blood would drain into the syringe.  Conroy would then wait long hours for the results.

We have filed a negligence complaint against the University of Pittsburgh's Dental School because Pitt Dental School had a duty to only use dental instruments on their patients that had been fully cleaned to their standards.  Pitt Dental School failed to uphold this duty with Conroy.  We are looking for answers for how this happened so that we can make sure it does not happen again to anyone else in the community.  We are also seeking fair compensation only as the law allows for the ordeal Conroy has been put through.

Paul Van Osdol of WTAE news put a nice news piece together on this matter where Conroy was allowed to state his grievance to the community.  I think Conroy did a tremendous job getting his message out.  You can watch the full story at Pitt Dental School Accused of Negligence, Using Dirty Equipment or check out

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