Monday, July 30, 2012

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Crash Sample Complaint

As a personal injury lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I can recall many instances where I scoured the internet for assistance with various problems I encountered in this great job.  I always appreciated when people would actually put useful information on the internet as a resource for everyone.  In that vein, I plan to periodically upload various legal documents that might be of assistance to other attorneys representing clients or area residents going it alone.  I have done this a couple of times in the past and the analytics show that people were interested.

Below is a super simple and straightforward sample complaint my office drafted in a Pennsylvania motor vehicle crash a few years back.  Specifically, this was a rear end crash case where our client had to stop suddenly and then was hit from behind by another car following to closely.  This is by no means a perfect complaint.  But it is simple and provides a blueprint for getting the ball moving in this type of lawsuit.  Some people like to put a lot of facts in the complaint.  Others prefer a more "bare bones" approach.  My feeling is that the amount of information to include really depends on the case.  For a simple car, two car, motor vehicle case, I think it is best to keep things minimalist.

PA MVA Complaint Sample
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