Friday, August 31, 2012

UPMC Patients Exposed to Hepatitis C by Kwiatkowski

We represent an individual who just received a letter (2000 letters were sent) from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center advising that she may have been exposed to to hepatitis C by the now infamous medical tech, David Kwiatkowski.  As a result, our client had to undergo a series of blood tests to see if she had contracted hepatitis.  We are currently exploring the possibility of a class action law suit in light of the huge number of individuals that were potentially exposed to dirty medical instruments.

Specifically, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center said it sent letters Tuesday to about 2,000 patients who may have been exposed to hepatitis C by a former medical worker.
UPMC spokeswoman Gloria Kreps said the letters were sent to patients who underwent procedures or were treated in the area where radiology technician David Kwiatkowski worked in 2008, regardless of whether or not he was directly involved in their care.
Kwiatkowski was fired by UPMC after a few weeks in a temporary job but then went on to work at 10 more hospitals over the next four years. It is not clear when he contracted the disease.
In July, he was arrested in New Hampshire, where he stands accused of infecting at least 31 Exeter Hospital patients with hepatitis C by stealing fentanyl syringes and replacing them with dirty ones tainted with his blood.

Guillermo Cole, a spokesman for the Allegheny County Department of Health, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that even if patients test positive for the virus, more tests would be needed to link the strain to Kwiatkowski.

"A positive test result doesn't mean the exposure was due to this individual," he said. "There would have to be more sophisticated testing like they did in New Hampshire."

Please contact us if you have received one of these letters.

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