Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UPMC Class Action for Patients Exposed to Kwiatkowski

By letter dated August 7, 2012, more than four years after David Kwiatkowski was caught illegally diverting Schedule II narcotic medications, UPMC Presbyterian notified our client that she may have been exposed to medical instruments and/or medication that had been tampered with or tainted.  Because Kwiatkowski has tested positive for hepatitis C, UPMC recommended our client undergo a single blood draw to test only for the hepatitis C virus.  UPMC has not offered an explanation for why patients were not immediately notified of their possible exposure to tainted medications or medical instruments.  UPMC has not offered an explanation for why they are only recommending patients get tested for hepatitis C rather than the myriad of bacterial and viral diseases they may have been exposed to.  Initial reports indicate that approximately 2000 people received the same letter from UPMC.  All of these people have been forced to endure needless stress and anxiety as well as undergo otherwise unnecessary blood testing.  Here is a copy of the letter our client received from UPMC about the hepatitis C scare:

UPMC Kwiatkowski hepatitis C letter

Based on the current federal investigation and media reports of Kwiatkowski's serial infection rampage, we have reason to believe that UPMC and Maxim Staffing Solutions, the company that placed Kwiatkowski with UPMC, were negligent in the hiring, retention and supervision of Kwiatkowski.  Furthermore, we have reason to believe that UPMC may have violated state and federal laws related to the supervision of controlled substances.  As a result, on Monday, September 10, 2012, we filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all individuals who received the above letter.  If you have any questions about this lawsuit, please feel free to contact attorney Brendan B. Lupetin.

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