Saturday, December 29, 2012

Arizona Patients Exposed to Dirty Endoscopes, Infections

Patients of the Ear & Sinus Center of the Southwest in Bullhead City, Arizona received a letter that the ENT endoscope used during their procedures was not disinfected and sterilized.  As a result, the patients of Southwest Ear & Sinus Center were told to get tested for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.  A Civil Complaint filed by Robert Mosier and the law firm of Hodes, Milman, Liebeck and Mosier of Phoenix, Arizona alleges that one of the patients has already tested positive for Hepatitis C.  Patients of the Bullhead City clinic that received letters are urged to get blood tested immediately for Hepatitis and HIV.  Unfortunately, because of the apparent negligence in failing to properly clean endoscopes, many patients may have been needlessly exposed to significant blood borne diseases.

For more information on this potential hepatitis c outbreak from dirty endoscopes in Bullhead City, AZ, please feel free to call attorney Brendan B. Lupetin, Esq. at (412) 765-3800 or email via

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