Sunday, February 3, 2013

St. Margaret's Employee Fired for Tampering with Patient's Medication

In yet another instance of drug diversion, KDKA news is reporting that a UPMC St. Margaret's employee may have tampered with patients' medication potentially exposing them to HIV and Hepatitis. Whether UPMC will send letters to patients advising them of the incident is unclear.  It appears the female St. Margaret's employee was hired last summer as a phlebotomist (drawer of blood).  Apparently, other employees became suspicious of this employee when she was seen lingering in patients' rooms as well as the ICU unit where a vial of Dilaudid, a powerful pain medication, was found missing.  It appears that this woman was then fired but came back to the hospital in January 2013 as a patient.  During her hospitalization she was suspected of tampering with another patient's Dilaudid.  In a somewhat unusual twist, the woman has since been committed to the Western Psychiatric Institute.

Also peculiar about this story is UPMC's response that they may contact other patients the former-employee came in contact with to advise them of the need to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis.  It seems to me that if they have any reason to suspect this woman may have exposed patients to tampered medications or dirty medical equipment that the patients should be advised to seek testing ASAP.  UPMC needs to put its patients' safety first and always err on the side of caution.  In this case, that means sending letters to all patients that may have been exposed to this UPMC employee and advising them to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis. Share this post :
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